High shear inline mixer, also called emulsifying pump, is the high-performance emulsifying equipment to disperse, shear and homogenize material in a short process time. It is applied to continuously production and circularly processed machine. Some failures may occur before or during the production.


Failures before the high shear inline mixer works

1, If no pressure or pressure can’t be adjusted after starting the inline mixer, factors will be considered are as follows. Middle and lower orifices inside the pilot valve are blocked; main valve and pilot valve of unloading valve get stuck or damaged; seal rings of thrust piston are damaged. Solutions should be dredging, maintaining or changing parts correspondingly based on problems.

2, If high pressure fluctuation, less or no fluid, vibration in the pipeline or heavy noisy, please check the following items. Air inside the chamber is not evacuated thoroughly; air suction around the seal ring of plunger; pipette is too long; spring breakage or valve element damaged around the drainage valve. To solve this problem, you need to unscrew the pump and evacuate the air; remove the discharge valve and filled the plunger with fluid; adjust the pipeline; replace the spring or valve element; clean the liquid tank.

3, Crash sound occurs when the inline mixer works. It is caused by the increasing gap between bearing bush or sundries inside the pump or any gap between plunger and pressure-bearing part. You need to change bearing bush; clear sundries; adjust motor and pump to make them in the same axle.

4, If high temperature inside the chamber of inline mixer, you need to add or change lubricating oil and maintain bent axle or change bearing bush.

 inline high shear mixer working chamber detail

Failures during the emulsifying pump work

1, Just like other equipment, emulsifying pump should be cleaned before working;

2, Rotate reversely. Much equipment is very sensitive to rotate reversely, which can cause the burn of the motor. Therefore, do not let the inline mixer rotate reversely;

3, No dry powder, small solid or bock mass directly into the chamber of the emulsifying pump. Material that into the pump should be fluid because the rotor and the stator will get stuck due to solid material, and finally cause the burn of the motor;

4, If any leakage of material during the working of the inline mixer, please stop working, check and adjust the sealing unit;

5, Empty working can easily cause the breakdown of the machine. Empty working is strictly forbidden;

6, If any noisy occur during working, please stop it and restart after troubleshooting;

7, If any abrasive parts are found, please change it immediately.


Some items should be paid much attention to

1, Place the inline mixer in the ground smoothly and steady to avoid unnecessary clash;

2, Operate should check whether the power supply is connected correctly before using the high shear inline mixer;

3, Ensure some liquid should be in the chamber of emulsifying pump when working. If no material, please stop working to prohibit it from damaging the mechanical seal;

4, If the viscosity of processed material is too high, please use the matched equipment to transport the material;

5, If your material is cohesive, please clean it with solvent cleaning.

 emulsifying pump with protective cover

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