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50L Batch Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Unit for Cosmetic lab

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This is 50L batch emulsifying process mixer unit for cosmetic laboratory.

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    Application:What will be cream/shampoo effect to choose our emulsifying mixer?

    vacuum emulsifying machine 


     vacuum emulsifying machine



    Equipment Name

    50L Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine


    Production Capacity: 

    1. Emulsifying Pot design capacity: 50L.
      B. Effective working capacity: 40L.
      C. Minimum working capacity: 15L.



    The Pot Lid

    1. Material:  SS316L.
    2. Sight observation port DN100,Liquid inlet:DN25,Powder inlet port DN25 , LED lighting, Vacuum port DN25, Evacuated port DN25, vacuum pressure gauge, can lid clamp, vacuum level sensor, CIPcleaning spray balls, manual sanitary valves and other necessary fittings, Nitrogen connector.







    The Pot Body

    1. Mirror polishing after turning the can body to ensure good roundness.
    2. The flange surface and the lid of the stirring pot are sealed by a silicone seal.

    Three-layer structure, reversible tank, manual tilting angle of 120°, discharging is clean and no residue.

    Inner layer material SS316L, wall thickness 4mm.

    Pot body diameter: φ500mm, bottom oval head.

    Middle jacket, material SUS304, wall thickness 3mm, diameter: φ600mm.

    The jacket can be heated and cooled by water or heat transfer oil.

    Outer shell, material SS304, wall thickness 3mm, diameter: φ700mm.

    The aluminum silicate insulation layer is filled between the outer layer and the interlayer, and the heat preservation effect is good, and it can prevent burn workers.

    Inner and outer surface mirror polishing

    Preparatory Pots(Water Pot)

    Design Volume:38L,Working Volume:30L

    Self-Open Pot Cover

    Inner layer:SS316,Thickness:3mm.Out layer:SS304,Thickness:3mm

    Disperser Mixer:SS316,    0.55KW/380V/50HZ.Speed:1400R/Min

    Discharge:Bottom Discharge/Main Emulsifying Pot Vacuum Suction

    Temperature Control:PT100 Sensor

    Heating:Electronic Heating 2kw/380V/50HZ

    Buttom Control

    Preparatory Pots(OIL Pot)

    Design Volume:25L,Working Volume:20L

    Self-Open Pot Cover

    Inner layer:SS316,Thickness:3mm.Out layer:SS304,Thickness:3mm

    Disperser Mixer:SS316,   0.55KW/380V/50HZ.Speed:1400R/Min

    Discharge:Bottom Discharge/Main Emulsifying Pot Vacuum Suction

    Temperature Control:PT100 Sensor

    Heating:Electronic Heating 2kw/380V/50HZ

    Buttom Control








    The Stirring System

    1. Stirring with frame scrape, material SS316L.

    Motor: Three-phase asynchronous motor 380V/50Hz, power 0.75kw.

    Transmission: The speed reducer is driven by special gear structure.

    Transmission bearings adopt the Japanese NSK brand.

    Output speed 0-86 rpm, frequency converter with digital display, stepless speed regulation.

    The paddles are inclined at 45°, two-way convection stirring, and the material can be turned up and down.

    The scraping wall is made of PTFE PTFE, always fit the pot wall and sweep the pot wall. The material continuously creates new interface, no dead angles, and improves heat transfer efficiency.

    1. Homogenizing Stirring, material SS316L.

    Motor: Three-phase asynchronous motor 380V/50Hz, power 1.5kw.

    A new generation of homogeneous emulsified head, has better effect in shearing and emulsifying.

    Adopting upper homogenization, the emulsified shaft is tested by dynamic balance and has good stability.

    The output speed of the head is 0-2800 rpm, the frequency converter has digital display, stepless speed regulation.

    Transmission bearings adopt the Japanese NSK brand.

    Homogeneous shaft seal with imported rotary lip seal.


    Vacuum System

    Using rotary vane vacuum pump, power: 0.37kw / 380V/50hz.

    With stainless steel buffer bottle, Installation of the check valve

    Vacuum degree -0.095Mpa, can realize vacuum feeding and de-protection function, can maintain pressure for a long time

    The Lifting System

    Electric lifting: power: 0.37kw/380V/50Hz, lifting stroke 700mm.


    The Heating System

    Interlayer electric heating, temperature can be set, reserved steam line and instrument valve.

    The temperature sensor uses thermocouple PT100, temperature range 0-199 °C, intelligent digital display.

    Heating Power:4kw/380v/50hz

    The Cooling System

    Jacket water circulation cooling.

    The Discharge Method

    Dumping and discharging (120 degrees of dumping angle), bottom valve discharge, DN38 tank bottom valve.

    Time Control

    With intelligent time relay, Can set the stirring time, intelligent timing.




    Security system

    1. When the stirring is started, the lid cannot be raised.
    2. When the lid is raised and lowered, the stirring cannot be operated.
    3. The cover cannot be opened during negative pressure in the pot.
    4. Automatic protection of the frequency converter when the stirring motor is overloaded.
    5. When the material floats to the top of the pot, the vacuum pump stops automatically and the material is not sucked into the vacuum pump.
    6. The fuselage is equipped with a safety warning sign.


    The Control System

    Control cabinet panel material SS304, with button control.

    It can realize equipment start, emergency stop, stirring, homogenization, heating, vacuum, pretreatment tank stirring, Time setting and the frequency converter stepless speed operation.

    Equipment Dimension

    Main frame: 1750X650X (2250-2950) mm (includinglifting height).

    Water tank rack: 1600X800X1500mm




    This Price is for 1pcs 50L batch emulsifying mixer unit with oil/water pot,don'tincluded working platform.That is free sea shipping.

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    1. Fast Shipping and Professional Service review by Tianna Smith on 8/1/2021

      hi kos, your company is very professional. I'm glad to give you 5 stars for my order here. machine works very great and smooth. you really help me to make a good choice for my starup business on cosmetic manufacturing. I will do more business with you in the future.

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