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  • AD500S-P benchtop homogenizer AD500S-P benchtop homogenizer

AD500S-P 24G Benchtop Lab Stirrer Homogenizer Mixer 500W(Max Mix 5000ML)

Quick Overview

Benchtop AD series homogeneous dispersing machine is widely used for mixing of low, medium, or high viscosity liquid in the lab or test plant.
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  • Details

    Max Mix capacity:5000ML.Max Working viscosity:8000cps


    AD series homogeneous dispersing machine are powered by micro motors of compact-structured excitation type, it can be widely used in the mixture of low, moderate or high viscosity liquid in the lab or test workshop.



    1. Small in size, can save the shipping cost and takes a little space.

    2. The small lab homogenizer is portable.

    3. Thought simple and small, the lab homogenizer can be used to mix various kinds of liquid, cream and paste material. It is also workable for high viscosity material. 

    4. The rotation speed is easy to be adjusted.

    5. Height of the mixing rod/paddle is adjustable within a certain range. 

    6. Various homogenizer heads optional.


    Technical Parameter

    Model  AD500S-H
    Rated Voltage  220±10% VAC
    Rated Frequency  50/ 60 Hz
    Input Power  850 W
    Output Power  500 W
    Rated Torque  1.78 N·m
    Work Mode  100%
    Speed Control  Stepless Control
    Speed Range  5000 ~ 28000 rpm
    Speed Display  No
    The Material of the Operating Head  Stainless steel 316L #
    Standard Configuration  24 G
    Diameter  φ24 mm
    Speed Of The Rotor  18 m/s
    Mixing Capacity (H2O)  80-5000 ml
    Max. Suitable Viscosity  5000 cP
    Min./Max. Immersing Height  50/165 mm
    Size of The Mixer (T×B×H)  215 × 310 × 720 mm
    Permissible Ambient Temperature  Lower than 40ºC
    Permissible Relative Humidity  Less than 90%


    Packing List

    Order Item Number Order Item Number
    1 Heterogeneous host 1 5 Supporting and fixing frame 1
    2 Base 1 6 Operating head 1
    3 Supporting stand 2 7 Brusher(Spare)  
    4 Beam 1 8 Operation manual 1


    Optional Working Head

    ( The operating head in the main picture is just for reference. The outlook of the operating head is different depending on your choice. )

    homogenizer laboratory operation head


    Structure Diagram

    structure diagram of AD series homogenizer laboratory



    1, Put the Base (6) on the platform, connect two supporting stand (7) by screwing them together before fixing it into the Mounting hole in the base. Set in the Supporting and fixing frame (8) on the upper end of the supporting stand, and turn the handle to fasten them.

    2, Connect the short Beam (9) to the dispersing host electric motor through the Mounting bolt hole at the back of the motor, then insert the Beam into the Supporting and fixing frame, and turn the handle on it to fasten the motor on the supporting stand. The host motor can be adjusted on the Supporting and fixing frame freely.

    3, When installing the operating head, follow the steps in Use and Maintenance 4-5.


    ·To ensure the running safety of the product, fix the key points of connections firmly and inspect it regularly.

    ·Before testing or operating the product, please read the Use and Maintenance carefully.

    ·Operate the product on the Base and NO hand operation.


    ·The product can't be put into use in a flammable and explosive environment.

    ·Ensure a good grounding for the Input power supply socket. It's strictly prohibited to connect the grounding with telephone lines, metal pipes or lightening arresters.

    ·There must be enough space between the end of the operating head (feed inlet) and the experimental medium container, and the liquid level of the medium must be below the overflow hole of the operating head.

    ·Before entering the power of this machine, please carefully check if the power switch (3) on the speed controller is turned off, speed control knob (2) is in the starting position. Avoid the Power Input of emulsified host suddenly started, personal injury caused by operator and laboratory equipment, laboratory material and other damage.


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    1. An extremely good value for money lab homogenizer mixer review by Albright Givens on 7/11/2017

      Easy to use and ideal for those medium sized sample volumes. Optimal choice for different requirements in sample preparation. I can fit it on my bench, the footprint is about the same as a computer.

    2. The price is adequate and the online support is solid review by Michael Finley on 6/15/2017

      This machine comes with a very good instruction manual which accurately describes each component, reading the instructions is extremely helpful, we all like to skip that step but with this piece of equipment it is tremendously advantageous. And the price is very cheap compared to other similar instruments.

    3. It is a low-cost solution for any lab review by Christopher Earl on 5/24/2017

      Everyone using the excellent instrument has found it very easy to use. Although it took us a little while to choose the best model of homogenizer solution for our purposes. Overall, this was a great purchase for our lab, which routinely uses homogenizing in our work.

    4. easy to use and very reliable review by Christopher on 4/10/2017

      Our laboratory purchased the benchtop homogenizer for samples mixing process. The instrument is durable and well made. I like it for its reliability and ease of use. This machine is also very easy to clean or keep clean. After sales care is the best anyone could ask for.

    5. Simple And Efficient review by Michael on 3/28/2017

      It is efficient and convenient, quite user-friendly, very easy to operate, you know, sometimes simple is best. Overall, it's easy to use in the lab for homogenization and we are happy with our purchase. We would recommend it for anyone who was looking for a cheap and simple lab emulsion homogenizer to homogenize microbial and fungal samples.

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