Emulsifying Mixer is a device that dissolves water and oil. Under normal circumstances, water and oil can not be mixed. But if involved in external forces, things will become different. The theory of the emulsifying mixer is that in the narrow gap between the rotor and stator, shearing, mixing, squeezing and dispersing the materials (water and oil) to form suspensions, emulsions and foams under the centrifugal force generated by the high speed rotor. Under the action of emulsifiers and cyclical stirring, the emulsion is finally homogeneously mixed to give a stable product quality. The machine and theory is widely used in industrial manufacture, especially in the fields of cosmetics, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, paint and so on.

 high shear emulsifying process

Rotor & stator emulsifying mixer has played a significant role in industrial stirring and mixing procedure, including stirring solid/liquid, liquid/liquid. In order to achieve good effect of emulsifying, following 4 factors should be seriously considered.


1, Emulsifiers

As an additional agent between water and oil, emulsifier has played an indispensable role to emulsify water and oil under the effect of electronic and molecule. The type and the dosage of emulsifier have worked to decide how long the emulsion could be reserved. 1%, 5% and 10% concentration of emulsifier undoubtedly has different degree function during the stirring.


2, Stirring Rate

Stirring rate is also a crucial factor during emulsifying process in addition to emulsifier. Needless to say, the quicker speed of stirring, the stronger force will be made on materials. Intense pressure forces water and oil be dispersed and shattered into smaller and smaller granule. Then under the help of emulsifier and strong external pressure, smaller granules will be gathered and homogeneously mixed once again. Fine and smooth emulsion need quick rotation of stator to make the molecule smaller. It is worth mentioning that too quick stirring will also bring some air bubble in the emulsion, which will definitely influence the quality of emulsion. Controlling the rate of stirring is a key way to control the quality of emulsion.


3, Temperature

Generally speaking, emulsifying temperature relies on the higher one melting point of the two materials and solubility between water and oil. When the oil and water is liquid, we could mix them under room temperature, because the temperature of oil and water is approximate. As for some special oil with high melting point(higher than 70°C), like wax and tallow oil, we could not immediately put water into oil due to their big gap of temperature, in order to avoid crystallizing wax and fatty before emulsifying. It is better to control the temperature of oil and water between 75°C and 85°C, and also a higher emulsifying temperature with a higher melting point oil. And that's why the complete cosmetic emulsifying machine will equipped with heating system.


4, Emulsifying Time

The time of emulsifying could decide the quality of emulsion. Volumetric ratio of water and oil, the viscosity, type of emulgator and dosage, and temperature of emulsifying are some of the factors to influence the time of emulsifying. For example, utilize a high shear emulsifier machine with 3000 rpm, and 3-10 minutes is enough to achieve the effect. In addition, we could control the time according to our specific requirement.


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