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During the process of lipstick manufacturing, customers prefer to use high speed emulsifier rather than agitator.Read More
A disperser is a high-speed mixing device used to disperse or dissolve pigments and other solids into a liquid.Read More
High shear emulsifier pump can deal with large capacity and material can 100% pass working chamber. Although wide application in some fields, there are some requirements about processed materials.Read More
Except the emulsifier mixer machine itself and the type of working head, we summarize four main factors that can improve the emulsifying effect.Read More
Four stages of the laboratory homogenizer rotor/stator operating head works process specialized description.Read More
Need to pay attention to the droplets stability in the homogenization process using Kos high shear emulsifier machine.Read More
The cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries creams and ointments materials processing steps, includes heating, mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, stirring, etc.Read More
Research of the fluid dairy products homogenizing process, the advantages of homogenized liquid milk.Read More
The high shear chemical homogenizer can easily solve the problems of conventional approach manufacturing ink & paint.Read More
How the small and medium toothpastes production enterprises use Kos emulsifying equipment to manufacture high quality toothpastes.Read More
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