Discharge Way of Vacuum High Shear Batch Mixer

High shear batch mixer is a common machine for manufacturing the cream/paste/emulsion products of cosmetics/food/pharmaceutical/daily chemical. it is composed of multiple functional modules and a important mixing equipment for many industries on fluit product. vacuum high shear mixer is generally make up of a main pot and two preparation pots (oil and water pot). the vacuum suction feeding way makes out the end product more hygienic and efficient, it is one of its big advantage. the following let’s talk about the discharge method of it.

discharge way of vacuum high shear mixer


Normally there are two ways for discharging on high shear vacuum mixer. the one is a traditional output way through pipeline, it sets up on the bottom of main pot and controlled by a vavle for open and close, the vavle can be designed with a manual or automatic way according the clients idea. but this method only suitable for some low viscosity liquid, coz they are easy flow and easy transferred into the removable storage tank or next processing equipment. for some high viscosity fluid or the outlet of tank designed with filter, they are required an additional transfer pump for output. the clients can choose the transfer pumps of different hygiene levels according their production needs. the transfer pump helps the high viscosity liquid be transferred more easy and fast through the pipeline out.

 way of discharge on vacuum high shear batch mixer


The other discharge way is to tilt the tank body by the handwheel for output. this way is suitable for mass production, and has a high efficiency. but this way only suitable for chemical materials, not suitable for the materials of cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical, because the raw materials are exposed to the air, they are prone to bacteria and pollution. therefore the clients have to choose the discharge way according their production demand.

way how to discharge the materials from vacuum high shear batch mixer



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