How to Choose a Correct Heating Way of KOSBEST® Vacuum Emulsion Mixer for your Production

There are four heating ways for choosing on vacuum emulsion mixer for cosmetics/food/pharmaceutical industry:

• Electric heating

• Steam heating

• Enter hot water heating

• Equipped with external heating equipment

The electic heating way is common option for mostly application.


inside of KOSBEST high shear vacuum emulsion mixer


Electric Heating Way (common way)

The fluids such as water and oil are used as heating medium apply for the electric heating process. usually if the heating temperature less than 100℃, the heat transfer oil and water can be used for achieving, but we don’t suggest using water for the up 90℃ heating, because when the water TEMP generally reaches 90 degrees, it already boils very much and it dissipates heat and evaporates faster than oil. if the temperature be required higher than 100℃, the oil is best choose we recommend, reason is the boiling point of oil higher than water. the heat transfer oil has a high boiling point and slow heat dissipation. when the second batch is produced, it will heat up faster than water.
(heat transfer water features: fast heat dissipation, low cost, easy maintenance)


Steam Heating 

This heating method generally requires customers to have a steam source, such as an industrial boiler/pump/steam-routing system. if there is no steam source, additional steam generator is required, and steam is produced in advance through electric heating and then used. this heating way has fast heating speed and easy to use and cool. But this heating method will cause pressure on the pot body of the high-shear emulsifier, so it is necessary to make the steam-heated pot body into a pressure vessel through an enterprise with a pressure vessel license to ensure the safety of production. therefore, this heating method is more costly.

The maximum temperature of steam heating can reach 300 degrees theoretically, but a too high TEMP can easily cause an explosion. so the actual maximum working temperature is ≤120 degrees


Enter Hot Water Heating

If there is source of ready-made hot water in your factory, it can be delivered to the heating jacket of vacuum emulsifying machine through a transfer pump for heating.


Equipped with External Heating Equipment

Such as mold temperature controller, this machine can assist the vacuum emulsioin mixer for heating and cooling processes.



The highest heating temperature of a regular emulsifying machine is between 120-130℃.

The processing temperature of cosmetics is generally 70-80℃, of  food and pharmaceuticals are 100-130℃, of new chemicals materials usually is over 150 degrees.