A disperser is a high-speed mixing device used to disperse or dissolve pigments and other solids into a liquid. High shear mixer can be used to create emulsions, suspensions, lyosols and granular products. Emulsion is defines as a heterogeneous system consisting of two immiscible liquid phrases in which droplets can be reduced to 0.1 micrometer. Dispersion is defined as a colloid if particles sizes are between 0.001 micrometer and 1 micrometer. Kos high shear mixer shares some similarities with disperser. First: both of them have an impeller in the middle of the shaft; second, same construction: motor, impeller, four pillars and working head. However, they do have some differences as listed in the following paragraphs.


Working principle

Under the high centrifugal force, the materials are sucked into the chamber by the strong axial suction produced by fast-turning rotor driven by the motor. Within the shortest time, the materials will be processed by the operation of dispersion, shearing and emulsification, after which the size distribution will be within a narrow range and the finished products, will be fine and stable for a long period. That’s the working principle of high shear emulsifier. A disperser is to mix, mill or grind materials physically.


Material to deal with

High speed homogenizer disperses one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (liquid), with which it would normally be immiscible. Materials it deals with are immiscible but a disperser just mixes two materials together, which is just milled physically.


Working head

Working head of disperser is also called dispersion disk. It defines the mixture results. High shear mixer has four kinds of working heads such as claw type, mesh type, long type and round type. Working head of high shear mixer is more intensive than the one of disperse, which makes it easy to reduce materials into 1 micrometer.

disperser head      high shear mixer head

Working Head of Disperser                             Working Head of High Shear Mixer



High shear mixer is widely used in fine chemicals such as cosmetics, pharmacy, daily chemicals and food industry while disperser focuses on stirring, dispersing solid material such as coating, printing ink, painting and adhesives.