Kosbest has been specialized in emulsifier pump, also called in-line mixer or homogenizer pump for several years. Electricity which is charged with through electro-motor will be transformed into kinetic energy that keeps rotor and stator of emulsifying pump rotates in a high speed revolution, so that driven bearing connected will rotate rapidly correspondingly. Strong shearing forces generated by high-speed driven bearing smash, subdivide and emulsify materials. Emulsifying pump is widely used in food, chemicals and pharmacy industry. It can deal with large capacity and material can 100% pass working chamber. Although wide application in some fields, some requirements about processed material of emulsifying pump during the production are as follows:

1, Processed material should be fluid, with not so high viscosity and concentration.

2, Dry mash and block mass processed material is prohibited into pump because these materials can block in the working chamber, which can damage the machine.

3, Fluid material should consecutive input the working chamber or keep some certain amount in avoid to work without any material. In the loose-running condition, remaining material in the working chamber will generate high temperature or crystal solidifying which can damage emulsifying pump. In conclusion, do not let the pump work with no material.

 homogenizer pump process

The pump has no function of self-absorption. Material should be continuously filled from the upper side through a pipe into the pump and kept a better flow. When in a poor mobility of material, for instance, viscosity ≧ 4000CP, delivery pump should be equipped in the inlet position. Regarding for the delivery pump, you need to choose the similar pump with rotor pump. Pump capacity of delivery pump should be compatible with one of inline emulsifying machine. Dopants such as metal filing are prohibited to enter into working chamber of emulsifying pump due to it’s hard to smash these material. Solid materials into working chamber will destructively damage the rotor and stator. Once any abnormal sound or other malfunctions occur during working, it should immediately halt the machine and shoot-trouble. Insulating layer can be extra equipped inside the working chamber to cool or heat material.


Kosbest is one of the leading homogenizer manufactures in China. You can get more than high shear emulsifying pump from Kosbest; you get Solutions. Just tell us some information (Material, Volume, Capacity, Process etc), we will analyze your data and provide you best suitable solutions to improve your productivity. A professional technical team equipped is to analyze and discuss every particular situation. We will work with you to ensure you get the right emulsifier pump for you specific needs.