When the simple mixing is not sufficient to meet the requirements, and the dispersing effect generated by high shear emulsifier is too strong, the jetmixer high shear disperser emulsifier is the best choice. It can produces a powerful macro and micro mixing, while full evenly disperses the materials, no longer need the assistance of extra high shear equipment. The jetmixer dispersing emulsifier provides the ideal dispersing and mixing energy, easy to handle, and meets a wide range of process requirements. Applicable process: dissolving sugar or powder, chemical glue, suspending, accelerating reaction, dispersing, mixing and depolymerizing of nanometer material and light powder.


Jetmixer is developed based on ordinary high shear homogenizer and combined with axial flow requirements. Its unique structure of the mixing head has four functions of dispersing, dissolving, emulsifying and crushing, can effectively solve the strict mixing challenge for you. High-speed rotating rotor and precision stator working chamber, relying on high line speed, resulting in strong hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, high-speed cutting and collision, to ensure the material was sheared hundreds of thousands of times per minute, so that the material was fully dispersed, emulsified, homogenized, crushed and mixed. The change of impeller angle results in the double effect of radial flow and axial flow. The rotor is specially designed with a superior suction force to handle high viscosity, high solid content materials. The stator head such as straight slots, skewed slots, meshes, to expand the applicable areas. It is widely used in daily chemicals, medicine, food, textile, printing and dyeing, coatings and other light industry and chemical industry.


The jetmixer emulsifier like other high shear homogenizers can be assembled on a moving frame, lifting frame, reaction kettle or other container according to the requirements, so as to meet the needs of different production processes.


Let's recognize the effective mixing:

When we talk about mixing, we should first distinguish between microscopic mixing and macroscopic mixing.

Microscopic mixing can be seen as a small batch mixing of the smallest particle size of the materials, and completely achieve the results of dispersed and mixed.

Macroscopic mixing can be seen as a whole mixture of materials in the container without dead ends.

The ideal mixing is both macromixing and micromixing. Therefore, if a set of equipment is only a macro mixing without micro mixing, it's not an ideal equipment, the reverse is also true.


Jet Mixer is a combination of micro-mixing and macro-mixing, it is not only used to emulsify, disperse, homogeneous, can also be used for jet-flow mixing. The special mixing head design ensures high strength mixing and immediate dispersing, thereby reducing the processing time spent on emulsification, dispersion and homogenization considerably. Highly viscous materials and colloids can be processed quickly without producing clumps. Jet Mixer has a simple structure, smooth operation, stable performance of product quality, high production efficiency and convenient maintenance. Jet-flow mixing is widely used in medicine, food, pesticide, chemical, oil, cosmetic, nano-materials, ink & paint and other production areas.


Working principle

High-speed rotating rotor-driven liquid flow in the role of the flow chamber will produce a strong liquid vertical circulation. The liquid in the container begins to circulate as a whole, reaching a macroscopic mixture. On the other hand, high-speed rotating rotor can produce a certain amount of shear turbulence necessary for microscopic mixing. These micro-mixed liquids are dispersed into the corners of the container as the circulation of the whole stream. All the liquid in the container can be completely dispersed and mixed, which is quite different from the traditional mixer.


The machine has the function of dropping the solute with lighter specific gravity than the solvent, which avoids the difficulty of floating material entering the emulsifying head, and has better emulsifying effect for the large specific gravity, floating and insoluble materials. The blades and axes of the jetmixer rotor are angled so that when rotates at a high speed, both the radial centrifugal force and the axial thrust force are combined with the stator to form radial shear, disperse, emulsify effect, at the same time the axial flow strengthens the circulation of the fluid in the kettle, effectively eliminating the "uneven or dead ends" at the beginning of emulsifying and dispersing. Under the condition of small and medium viscosity and sufficient power, the auxiliary stirring of the anchor propeller can be saved, and the equipment investment is saved.


Product advantages

Easy to use and powerful

The equipment can produce strong macro and micro mixing, while fully dispersing the material and no need additional high shear equipment to assist, which can accelerate the reaction process.

Various installation ways

The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, can be made into a fixed type (fixed on the jar) and lifting type (pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.) working with removable tank.

Processing a wide range of materials

The unique design of the equipment, can mix liquid and powder materials thoroughly with comparatively big difference in specific gravity, and have good applicability for high, medium and low viscosity products at the same time.


Different shapes of the stator head with a different emulsifying, dispersing and mixing effect, according to the actual working conditions, can choose different types of stator head to meet the needs of different processes.


Optional working head:

skewed slots type mixing head

Skewed slots type: Mixing, shearing, homogenizing, dissolving, accelerating reaction


Vertical dispersing and mixing of the whole flow

Liquid streams do not produce vortices to avoid a large infiltration of air

No precipitate is produced at the bottom of the container

Resulting in high shear force, can reduce the size of particles to accelerate the reaction

Highly efficient mixing and emulsifying makes emulsions preparation easier


non slots type mixing head

Non slot type: Mixing, dissolving, suspending, accelerating reaction


Vertical dispersing and mixing of the whole flow

The flow does not produce vortices

No precipitate is produced at the bottom of the container

Without shear force, can protect the particles intact

Air infiltration is small

Highly efficient mixing and emulsifying makes it easier to prepare emulsions


If you are facing serious mixing challenges, you could consider about KOS jetmixer high shear emulsifier or contact our technical support, tell us your application industry and specific mixing materials, processing capacity, etc., we can help you come up with a perfect solution.