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Colloid Mill

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  1. Kos-JM06 Colloid Mill Machine for higher viscosity and larger particles Materials

    High speed multi-functional grinding machine, emulsifying mixer, homogenizing machine,dispersing machine.
  2. KOSBEST Horizontal Colloid Mill Equipment Chinese Medicine Granding Machine

    Horizontal Colloid Mill Machine for Soy milk, Ganoderma, syrup, aloe fine gringding machine.

  3. Kos-JM04 Food Grade Vertical Colloid Mill Wet Utra-fine Particle Pulverization Liquid Sauce Grinding

    2.Lab Small Colloid Mill Machine for beverage, liquid Tahini, salad dressing use.

  4. KSL-50 Vertical Colloid Mill Machine with Stainless Steel Contact part for High Shear Mixer and Grinding

    colloid mill grinder is widely used for processing the high viscosity material and larger granular materials

  5. KSW-80 Horizontal Colloid Mill Machine for Peanut Butter Making Machine

    Multi-purpose colloid mill for makes different sauces

  6. Customized for Vertical Colloid Machine, Split Colloid Machine and Horizontal Colloid Machine

    Price 1200USD is a staring price for this item of customized colloid mill. Contact us about your special requirements then get a full quote before order!!

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6 Item(s)

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