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Food & Beverage Industry

With the increasing competition in the food industry, food product quality wins more and more attention. Furthermore, the burgeoning healthy beverage, functional drinks, diet food, and an increasing number of bechamel require food and beverage manufacturers to update their formula all the time. Because the processes of food production such as mixture, homogenizing, dissolving, dispersing, are very complicated, the solutions for creative mixture technology is significant. Here at Kosbest, you get more than a high shear mixer; you get solutions.


We offer you high speed mixer, bottom homogenizer with four kinds of working head for your various needs in food industry. Custom made service is offered for your special requirements. If you provide us some information including material, process, voltage etc, we will work together to work out a solution for you.



1, Condiment Emulsions

Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings, Sauces and Gravies, Tomato Paste and Ketchup, Mustards, horseradish masses, Flavourings, Ingredients & Seasonings, Marmalades, Vinegars, Chutneys, Spice mixtures...


2, Dairy

Cheese and Cheese Sauces, Cheese spread, Milk, Whey and Protein Powders, Ice Cream Mixes, Yoghurts, Dairy desserts, Pasteurising, Baby milk or infant formula, Margarine and Low-Fat Spreads, Sweetened condensed milk...


3, Beverage

Soft Drinks, Beverage Fortification, Cocoa, Drinks, Fruit juices, Juice concentrates, Fruit puree, Jams, Pectin-water mixtures, Tea blends...


4, Confectionary and Syrups

Chocolate, Sugar and fruit syrups, Frostings, Lactose, Caramel...


5, Other Products

Soups, Batter mixes, Brines and Marinades, Salt solutions, Pet Foods, Edible oils/Fats, Citric Acids...


Other Industries

Cosmetics & Toiletries Industry

Chemicals Industry

Pharmaceuticals Industry


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