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High Shear Homogenizer Mixer FAQs

Q: Before large batch production, how can I be sure my new product mixing effect meet desired requirement?

A: Try our lab homogenizer product, for new product or mixing materials, before industrial production, materials sample testing is required. Kos laboratory homogenizer is specially used for small scale mixing, dispersing and emulsifying tasks. This machine is small size and easy to move, can be used at any place, very convenient. It can work with you to research and develop the best mixing process for your new product to save your costs.


Q: Why should I choose an inline homogenizer over a batch homogenizer in continuous production?

A: We do offer batch high shear mixer homogenizers for much industrial emulsifying process, but in the continuous production of liquid emulsified, an inline emulsifier can get a better effect. Because the rotor and stator inside the emulsifier pump, and all the materials must through the emulsifier pump to be sheared and come back to the vessel for cyclic emulsification, high efficiency and better homogenization.


Q: How to solve the problem of floc deposit or bottom sediments emulsification?

A: You may heard about the bottom entry homogenizer, Kos bottom entry mixer is different from the ordinary high shear homogenizer, it is mounted at the bottom of the kettle, so that leave more upper space for other necessary equipment, prevented from the dead ends and whirlpools of the upper part materials difficult to be sucked, and even if a very small amount of material can be sufficiently dispersed and emulsified. This machine shearing force is stronger, so that the production efficiency and the dispersion emulsification quality are improved.


Q: How to choose single-stage or triple-stage inline homogenizer?

A: As we know, materials need to be sheared by the rotor ans stator to get desired emulsified result, and the inline type homogenizer get better effect than the ordinary type homogenizer, so it's not difficult to imagine that triple-stage homogenizer pump has a higher efficiency than the single-stage. But remember the better the result, the higher the price, three sets of rotor and stator costs more than one set, so the triple-stage emulsifier pump is more expensive than the the single-stage emulsifier pump. If your processed materials are not very high homogenizing requirements, the single-stage inline homogenizer is more cost-effective.


Q: I have different products like cosmetics and shampoos need to be emulsified, can your high shear homogenizer used for more than one applications?

A: Yes, of course. Kos high shear emulsifier can complete the mixing, crushing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing and other processes, so it's multi-purpose and well-suited for more industries. Also, different homogenizer heads are available to meet your different working conditions, simple structure and easy cleaning, very convenient for using in different materials emulsifying.


Q: Can emulsion pump work in high temperature conditions?

A: Usually, the emulsion pump can bear 80 ℃. But the cooling system can be added to the single-stage emulsion pump, which can bear 150 ℃; the bearing plate, cooling system, and high temperatured O-ring can be adopted to the three-stage emulsion pump, which can bear 220 ℃. If the emulsion pump work for a long time, cooling system is recommended to use.


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