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High shear Mixer

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  1. Custom Made High Shear Disperser High Speed Disperser with Free DHL Shipping

    We KOS always believe quality is priority and provides you superior quality machine with best price.

  2. Custom Bottom Type Homogenizer Mixer, Bottom Entry Emulsifying Machine

    Like the high shear homogenizer, bottom entry homogenizer's working head is also rotor / stator but mounted at the bottom of the vessel, different processing capacity for customized.

  3. Custom Make Movable Pneumatic Lifting Homogenizer Mainly for Cosmetic Industry

    This machine is widely used in cream, Ointment, facial cream etc.

  4. One-stage High Shear Inline Mixer, Customized Emulsifying Pump for Daily Chemical Industry

    Kos high shear inline mixer which used in the chemical industry is high quality with best price.

  5. Superior Quality High Shear Mixer for Cosmetic, Pharmacy, Food and Daily Chemicals

    Explosion Protection High Shear Mixer, High Shear Homogenizer Solutions to Meet Each Customer's Specific Needs. Note: The color of instrument should refer to actual ones

  6. Customization Service or Solutions Provided for Emulsifying Machine, Homogenizer

    Customization service and solutions of emulsifying machines will be provided.

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6 Item(s)

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