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How to Start your Cosmetic Production of Creams and Lotions


Cosmetic creams and lotions are common daily skin-care products in life. they have variety of effects depends on what ingredients they made from, but the basic manufacturing process is the same.


The Process

Cosmetic production of creams and lotions is actually an emulsification process, products can be an oil-in-water (O/W) or water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion, or maybe a complex emulsion (Like: W/O/W). technically, a simple emulsion of oil and water, might be droplets of oil dispersed in water or droplets of water dispersed into oil. and that before, they were two immiscible liquids. a manufacturing process of liquid BB creams as follows for you referring:

  • Premixing oil soluble ingredients of oils, fats, waxes, emulsifying agents etc. heating and dispersed them into the oil phase.
  • The water phase. add water-soluble ingredients of glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol etc these humectants, alkalis, water-soluble emulsifying agents into deionized water for pre-mixing.
  • The two phases are then mixed to form an emulsion by continuous, until the end product is homogeneous.

 emulsion priciple



The Problem

Using traditional agitator might be encountered with these questions:

  • Some ingredients can form into agglomerates which traditional agitator cannot break down, especially on mixing operations for hydration of thickening and suspending agents. the agglomerates is easy form and some ingredients require shear in order to develop their desired properties.
  • Air bubbles appear in the production process, which greatly reduces the quality of the end product. in severe cases, the entire batch of products can only be discarded.
  • Agitators cannot easily form stable emulsions even when the oil and water phases have been heated.
  • When adding some powder into the container, partially hydrated materials can build up on the container wall and parts of the agitator.
  • Long process times and additional equipment are often required to achieve a homogeneous product.




The Solution

To solve these problems on cosmetic production of creams and lotions. KOSBEST specially promo a KOS series vacuum emulsifying mixer which designed with a structure of high-speed homogenizer and low-speed stirrer for getting a non-agglomerate and stable emulsion.

high shear mixer actions

How a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Help More

There are a number of machines for emulsion application, the suitability of which is dictated by individual processing requirements, including batch size, formulation and viscosity of the end product. the emulsification of some products may only require a simple homogenization system, but in the production of high-end products such as cosmetic creams and lotions, a single-function homogenizer cannot meet all production needs, which is why the multi-functional vacuum emulsifying mixer is so widely used in the cosmetic industry.


How it can helps:

  • Speed Controlled
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Vacuum Function: Help on defoaming treatment for well mixing and quality end product.
  • Scraper Design: Prevent the material from sticking to container wall during production.
  • Optional Heating Way: The heating medium can be water or steam base on your production needs
  • Easy Cleaning Way: Optional ways on soak cleaning/scrubbing for cleaning/ultrasonic cleaning/CIP cleaning system/hydro jetting cleaning.
  • PLC Control Panel: Easy operation on production.
  • Modular Design: Freely replace each template to suit different production needs and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Rapid Cooling Design: The frame-type stirring paddle design, not only used for stirring, also helps the materials cooling down by fast (usually the material at the bottom cools faster than the top, but the blade design of frame-type stirrer makes the liquid produce a convection of upward and downward pressure, which accelerates the cooling speed of the whole liquid.


structure of an vacuum emulsifying mixer



How an Emulsifying Mixer Works

When under work of an Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, the materials continuously produces new interfaces by the PTFE scraper of stirring frame on the pot wall of emulsifying mixer, then through the frame agitator and counter-rotating stirring blade to be cut, compressed, folded, mixed and forming a downward vortex. the materials flow down the vortex to the homogenizer at the bottom, then it will be cut again and broken into a small droplet size 2-5μm by fast in the shearing gap when through between the high speed rotating rotor and static stator. then finally turns out a stable lotions and creams.

Sum: The emulsifying mixer by reduces the size of large droplets to increase the number of dropltes to achieve the effect of shearing and homogenuous. the greater the shearing force, the thicker and finer the product. On the other hand, the smaller the droplet size, the smaller the collision cotact area between the droplets, thereby making the emulsion and cream more stable within a certain range. BUT, a stable product no only base on that one thing, it also depend on your formula, emulsifying agent and temperature etc factors, and not mean the stonger the high shear force, the more stable the product. a rotation speed too high may cause the destruction of the emulsion system and loss of stability. for this reason, the speed of our emulsifying mixer is generally set at 0-3000rpm, which can ensure sufficient shear force without over-shearing the emulsion and affecting the stability of the product.


 how an emulsifying mixer works





How Work With it



 How work with an emulsifying mixer



How to Choose an Emulsifying Mixer to Get Started

For start-up companies on manufacturing of cosmetic creams and lotions in the beginning. There are three optional types of KOS emulsifying mixer for choosing as follow. the basic manufacturing process of them is same. users can choose a suitable one according to their purpose and capacity requirement.

• Labrotary Emulsifying Mixer
• Pilot Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
• Small-scale Batch Emulsifying Mixer


 KOS-5 Laboratory Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer  KOS-10 Laboratory Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer KOS-30 Pilot Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer


KOS-50 Pilot Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer  KOS-100 Small Batch Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer  KOS-150 Small Batch Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer



KOSBEST multifunctional laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer accepts laboratory staff to do a vast range of testing on different emulsion products. modular design gives you more possibilities to change the equipped configuration to suit your different testing needs.


KOSBEST polit vacuum emulsifying mixer allows manufacturers to test their mixtures under production-like conditions in the laboratory. It helps our customers obtain pilot results that can be extrapolated for larger scale production. this equipment transposes your test formulations to ones that will be ready for industrial production. With it, you can test your dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization processes.


KOSBEST small-scare batch vacuum emulsifying mixer is common one equipment used in cosmetic industry for a start-up manufacturer. It has a small footprint, multi-functions and easy to operate. as a non-standard product, you can get free customization options from us to suit your different production needs.



Machine Models of Emulsifying Mixer
Note: focus on data of “working volume” when you checking your batch capacity required.




Heating Ways of Emulsifying Mixer
Cleaning Ways of Emulsifying Mixer
Discharge Ways of Emulsifying Mixer

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