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Kos-0130 5.5KW Liquid Homogenizer, Bottom Entry Shear Emulsifying Mixer

Quick Overview

The mixer KOS-0130 is amounted at the bottom of the vessel to leave more space on the top of the vessel to apply different functions.
Note: The color of instrument should refer to actual ones


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  • Details

    KOS bottom entry emulsifying mixer detail

    Item Specifics:

    Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
    Brand Name: KOS Model: Kos-0130
    Homogenizer Type: Bottom Production Type: Batch
    Voltage: 380V/220V Power: 5.5KW
    IS-Customed: Yes Application: Milk



    The mixer is amounted at the bottom of the vessel to leave more space on the top of the vessel to apply different functions. Each mixer, with its precision-engineered rotor / stator workhead, far outperforms improving quality, product consistency and process efficiency.



    Food Categories: fruit jam, mustard, chocolate, salad, mango juice, tomato sauce, etc.;

    Daily Chemical Categories: washing powder, facial cream, lotion, toothpaste, skin cream, shampoo, etc.;

    Medicines and Drugs: ointment, emulsifiable paste, protein dispersant, sugar coating, etc.;

    Ink Categories: wall paint, printing ink, inks, paints, etc.;

    Fine Chemicals: fillers, adhesives, resins, silicone oil, surfactants, etc.;

    Petrochemical: heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, lubricants, etc.;

    Agriculture: fertilizers, herbicides, emulsifiable concentrates, compound fertilizers, etc..


    Before you place an order, please contact us, we can custom make emulsifying homogenizer machine for all your request.


    1. What kind of material do you want to process?

    2. What's the capacity?

    3. What is it used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?


    Technical Parameter:

    Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Capacity(l) Standard Length(mm)
    KOS-90 1.5 2800 10~50 350
    KOS-100 2.2 50~100 650
    KOS-110 3 50-100 800
    KOS-120 4 100~200 750
    KOS-130 5.5 200-600 900
    KOS-140 7.5 200~800 900
    KOS-160 11 500~1500 1050
    KOS-165 13 500-1500 1100-1300
    KOS-175 15 600-1800 1100-1300
    KOS-180 18.5 600~2000 1200
    KOS-200 22 1400 800~2500 1200
    KOS-220 30 1000~3500 1355
    KOS-240 45 1500~5000 1395
    KOS-270 55 2000~8000 1600
    KOS-290 75 3000~10000 1650


    Different Types of Workhead:

    different types of stator



    1, Remove the upper flange on the homogenizer machine and weld it to the bottom of the tank, pay attention to protect the flange surface from damage and deformation of the welding force. After the welding is finished, the homogenizer is installed in the order of disassembly.

    2, Pipe connection: corresponding to the pump outlet and diameter to connect the pipe, double seal need to be connected to the cooling water circulation pipeline.

    3, Check the direction of rotation: the direction of rotation of the motor must be consistent with the direction shown on the sign, and clockwise rotation from the motor blade end. When checking the motor rotary direction, contact the motor by touching. If the running direction is incorrect, exchange the two cables. (The wrong rotary direction will affect the transmission efficiency and cause the pump nut to loosen and the rotor fall off.)

    Note: single mechanical seal is strictly prohibited running in the absence of material, double mechanical seal is strictly prohibited running in the absence of cooling water or lubricating fluid, otherwise the mechanical seal will be burned by dry friction!

    4, Machine inspection: Bottom entry homogenizer is carefully assembled in the factory, before the use please recheck the seal ring.


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    1. Nice support staff review by Alexander Culver on 7/24/2017

      I was looking for a robust processing emulsifying mixer for dairy materials. This product was exactly what I needed and the company's service was superior in terms of response and availability. I am very pleased and I know I will contact the company again when I need to.

    2. This product is great, reliable, economical review by Rowan Hardy on 6/27/2017

      The equipment is very effective to use and easily handle, reduces considerably the blending time, especially for the application of homogeneous milk. They provide exceptional service if any troubleshoot, it can be easily contact with sale person on email or phone.

    3. Good product, good customer service and support review by Steve on 6/4/2017

      The suitable machine coupled with the attentive and highly available support we received from the application team at KOS made this instrument our first choice. However the high reliability of the machinery means you might not need it!

    4. Has amazing results review by Jeff Miller on 4/27/2017

      This robust mixer is ideal for high viscosity cosmetic and pharmaceutical cream/ointment products. Very easy to clean and change the workhead for another vessel mixing. Worth its price and recommended. Undoubtedly you will be satisfied by this product’s quality.

    5. Customer service is great review by Gregory on 3/30/2017

      It is easy to use, saves a lot of time and provides stable homogenizing results. In my opinion, good value for the money, especially given the extra care, support, and attention to detail from the company staff, we are receiving custom parts to ensure this bottom mount emulsifier works in our applications, which cannot be ignored when considering price.

    6. order the second one review by M. Stanton on 10/18/2016

      This bottom homogenizer is very well made. Been using it for a while now with no issues. Getting ready to order another one.

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