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Kos-0140 7.5KW Cosmetic Homogenizer for Emulsion, Bottom Entry Batch Mixers

Quick Overview

KOS-0140 High Speed bottom homogenizer is designed for cosmetic industry application, rapidly shortening homogenizing time and improving product efficiency.
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  • Details

    KOS bottom entry batch mixer detail

    Item Specifics:

    Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
    Brand Name: KOS Model: Kos-0140
    Homogenizer Type: Bottom Production Type: Batch
    Voltage: 380V/220V Power: 7.5KW
    IS-Customed: Yes Application: Cosmetic



    The mixer is amounted at the bottom of the vessel to leave more space on the top of the vessel to apply different functions. Each mixer, with its precision-engineered rotor / stator workhead, far outperforms improving quality, product consistency and process efficiency.


    Working principle:

    1, Hydraulic shear

    Material sheared in the emulsifier tank, not only depends on the mixer, but also with the help of high speed vortex formed by high speed rotation, and the formation of vortex, hydraulic shear played an undeniable role;

    2, Centrifugal extrusion

    After the material sheared, this is only a rough process, the next is centrifugal extrusion, through the formation of vortex, making the material around the emulsifier shaft to achieve centrifugal extrusion, in the extrusion process can make the material mixed completely;

    3, Liquid layer friction

    Liquid layer friction is the flowing materials under the action of the extrusion force, the formation of friction between each other to enhance the material emulsification fineness, which requires the establishment of high-speed rotation and strong extrusion force;

    4, Impact tear

    In order to ensure that all the materials are in full contact, it is necessary to carry out the impact friction after the liquid layer friction, so that the immiscible objects can achieve sufficient emulsification under the common force.



    Petrochemical: lubricating oil, heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, modified asphalt, catalyst, wax emulsification and so on.

    Bio-pharmaceutical: injection, antibiotics, drug emulsion, drug cream, health care products, microcapsule emulsification, cell tissue broken and so on.

    Daily chemical products: liquid detergent, face cream, lipstick, facial cleanser, silicone oil emulsification, daily flavor, skin care products, cosmetics and so on.

    Paint inks: printing inks, paints, latex paints, architectural coatings, nano coatings, light curing coatings, paint auxiliaries, carbon black dispersion, printing ink, glaze, bentonite and so on.


    Before you place an order, please contact us, we can custom make emulsifying homogenizer machine for all your request.


    1. What kind of material do you want to process?

    2. What's the capacity?

    3. What is it used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?


    Technical Parameter:

    Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Capacity(l) Standard Length(mm)
    KOS-90 1.5 2800 10~50 350
    KOS-100 2.2 50~100 650
    KOS-110 3 50-100 800
    KOS-120 4 100~200 750
    KOS-130 5.5 200-600 900
    KOS-140 7.5 200~800 900
    KOS-160 11 500~1500 1050
    KOS-165 13 500-1500 1100-1300
    KOS-175 15 600-1800 1100-1300
    KOS-180 18.5 600~2000 1200
    KOS-200 22 1400 800~2500 1200
    KOS-220 30 1000~3500 1355
    KOS-240 45 1500~5000 1395
    KOS-270 55 2000~8000 1600
    KOS-290 75 3000~10000 1650


    Different Types of Workhead:

    different types of stator

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    1. Prompt customer service from KOS ensure the problems are quickly resolved review by Courtney Ho on 7/12/2017

      Very nice design with detachable structure, it is great as you can customize the function that is pertinent to your use. The unit can also be configured to operate with several other machines offering user a wide variety of applications. It would be great to see the price come down a little.

    2. Outstanding price for the performance rate review by Stefano on 6/26/2017

      Easy to use and helped us to improve our production efficiency at an affordable cost. They have amazing customer service too!

    3. Easy to contact the supplier for support review by Peter Spencer on 5/26/2017

      This bottom entry mixer is fast and easy to use for mixing and emulsifying all the materials completely in the tank, with wonderful efficiency and productivity. It saves a ton of time compared with traditional mix methods. It's not cheap, not particularly expensive. Best choice in the market. Also, the customer service for the product is very reliable.

    4. Perfect machine with great customer service review by Ryan Phillippe on 5/1/2017

      This bottom entry mixer is the perfect solution for our cosmetic creams materials mixing and emulsifying, easy to use and set-up at the bottom of my emulsifying stirring pot. Saves a lot of time than our conventional mixers. We are extremely happy with the performance of this emulsify machine.

    5. Supper fast service review by Slay on 4/9/2017

      I have never had a problem with ordering from here. Everything is as it says it will be and wrapped up good with fast delivery. Just a great company to work for. I am very pleased with the quality. Thank you

    6. Excellent product review by L. Hunter on 10/19/2016

      we bought this machine to deal with facial cream. It homogenizer our material more thoroughly and reduce our homogenizing time. Excellent!

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