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Kos-240 Inline Emulsifier 2.2KW 220V Homogeneous Pumps for Food Industry

Quick Overview

Kos-240 homogeneous pumps are widely used in food industry, pharmacy industry, cosmetic industry etc.
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    Item Specifics:

    Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
    Brand Name: KOS Power: Electric
    Model Number: KOS-240 Voltage: 220V
    Motor Power: 2.2KW Is-Customed: Yes
    Application: Food Industry Production Type: Continuous


    Product Description:

    The working chamber of this Kos-240 food homogeneous pump is equipped with a set of stator and rotor, the drive shaft is directly connected with the motor, the structure is simple, the processing capacity is large, and it has a certain conveying function. Can be independently operated by a single machine or matched with a high/low speed mixer, auxiliary dispersing, mixing and homogenizing use, efficiency and product quality is significantly improved. But also can be used as a terminal discharge pump, to further ensure the quality of discharging. It is applied to the decomposition, dissolution, dispersion and homogenization of petroleum, chemical, daily chemicals, textiles, food and other industries. KOS provides a series of small scale - pilot - large batch production products, to meet the different installation conditions and non-standard requirements.



    High matching accuracy

    Quantitative discharge

    Quantitative delivery

    No air infiltration

    Good shearing, dispersing and homogenizing ability

    Mixing and emulsifying makes it easier to prepare emulsions

    The maximum operating temperature is up to 300℃



    Mixing Dissolving: Soluble solid or liquid blends together with liquid in the state of the molecule or the gum, Crystallization powderody, salt, sugar, ether sulphate, abrasive, hydrolyzing colloid, CMC, thixotropic agent, rubber, natural and synthetic resin;

    Dispersed Suspension: Unsoluble solid or liquid forms finer particle blended solution or suspended solution, Catalyst, flatting agent, pigment, graphite, paint coating, alumina, compound fertilizer, printing ink packing agent, weedkiller, bactericide;

    Emulsification: Unsoluble liquid together with liquid does not separate, Cream, ice cream, animal oil, vegetable oil, protein, silicon oil, light oil, mineral oil, paraffin wax, wax cream, rosin;

    Homogeneity: Make emulsification and suspended grain size finer with more even distribution, Cream, flavouring, fruit juice, jam, coodiment, cheese, fatmilk, toothpaste, typing ink, enamel paint;

    Slurrying: Cell's tissue, organic tissue, the animal and plant tissue;

    Chemical Reaction: Nanometer material, inflating with higher speed, synthesization with higher speed;

    Extraction: The vortex extraction;

    Depolymerization: Nanometer powder, dough powder.


    Before you place an order, please contact us, we can custom make emulsifying homogenizer machine for all your request.


    1. What kind of material do you want to process?

    2. What's the capacity?

    3. What is it used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?


    Technical Parameter:

    Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Flow(m3/h)
    KOS-230 1.5 2800 0-1.5
    KOS-240 2.2 2800 0-3
    KOS-250 4 2800 0-4
    KOS-260 5.5 2800 0-5
    KOS-270 7.5 2800 0-8
    KOS-280 11 2800 0-12
    KOS-290 15 2800 0-18
    KOS-300 22 2800 0-25
    KOS-310 30 2800 0-35
    KOS-320 45 2800 0-50
    KOS-330 55 2800 0-75
    KOS-340 75 2800 0-90
    KOS-350 90 2800 0-110
    KOS-360 132 2800 0-130


    Inline Homogenizer Structure Diagram

    single-stage inline homogenizer structure


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    1. High quality product review by Allie Grella on 7/13/2017

      Setup time is a bit long, but this machine is great if you need to emulsify large numbers of materials and want to conserve space. Could be used for so many applications it's very good value for money. Results little to no difference from batch to batch.

    2. Very cost effective review by Andreas Franke on 6/20/2017

      Its price is very affordable for such a high value instrument, the delivery to be prompt, and the after sales service excellent. It has almost no maintenance. Works great for our applications such as sauce and flavor.

    3. The customer care team is great review by Billy on 5/21/2017

      I've really appreciated having our service rep go through my order and help troubleshoot. We are highly satisfied with the customer service. Though the price tag is a little high, but I am pleased with it for the food application. Once you get used to it, it is not difficult to use. The results were of highest quality, I would definitely recommend it to others.

    4. Prices is low and quality is high review by Simon on 5/2/2017

      This emulsifier pump is very reliable and we have good results in our plant with this product. Best performance with good reproducibility and it was good value for the money. Excellent customer service and delivered in time.

    5. Delivery fast review by Walker on 4/6/2017

      It arrived very fast and is well packaged. I'm so excited to try it when i open it. Seems to work great, the unit is a good purchase and would recommend it to anyone. Overall it is a great little machine at an affordable price.

    6. it works review by Dan Fletcher on 12/12/2016

      It works well. We used it to emulsify shampoo. And it can handle a large volume each time, greatly reducing our labor time.

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