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Kos-270 Inline Shear Mixer 7.5KW 380V Homogenizing Pumps for Daily Chemicals

Quick Overview

Kos-270 high shear pumps are all-purpose compound and emulsifier equipment with advanced manufacture technical in the world.
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    chemical homogenizing pump inline homogenizer detail kos homogenizing pump detail kos homogenizing pump inlet kos homogenizing pump rotor&stator

    Item Specifics:

    Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
    Brand Name: KOS Power: Electric
    Model Number: KOS-270 Voltage: 220V
    Motor Power: 7.5KW Is-Customed: Yes
    Application: Daily Chemicals/Shampoo Production Type: Continuous


    Product Description:

    Kos-270 high shear pumps are all-purpose compound and emulsifier equipment with advanced manufacture technical in the world. Its professional technic and manufacture precision can approach international similar product. The main parts are stators and rotors. At the centrifugal and fluid forces created by the rapid turning of the rotors, the stators exercise on the materials strong powertor shearing, centrifugal pressing, breaking, fluid friction, turbulent homogenizing and the solid, fluid and volatile materials are quickly refined, homogenized, disaggregated and emulsified. the repeat of this process can result in stable and high-quality products. These serial products can greatly simplify the traditional processes and upgrade the production efficiency and product quality.



    ◆ Large volume treatment, suitable for industrial online continuous production;

    ◆ Particle size distribution range narrow, high uniformity;

    ◆ Time saving, efficient, energy conservation;

    ◆ Precision casting of the overall chassis and precision dynamic balance test of each rotor to ensure the machine low noise running, smooth operation;

    ◆ Eliminate the quality differences between batches;

    ◆ No dead ends, 100% of the materials crushing and dispersing by sheared;

    ◆ Has a short distance, low lift transport function;

    ◆ Easy to use, easy maintenance;

    ◆ Can achieve automatic control;

    ◆ Cartridge mechanical seal to ensure that no leakage of materials;

    ◆ Single pump processing capacity from 1-120 m3/h.



    Food Industry: Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cheese, Soft Drink, Fruit Jelly, Ketchup, Oil, Syrup, Chocolate etc.

    Daily Chemicals: Facial Foam, Hair Gel, Hair Dyes, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Shoe Polish, Cosmetics etc.

    Pharmacy: Nutrition Liquid, Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, Medicine Grease, Biological Products etc.


    Before you place an order, please contact us, we can custom make emulsifying homogenizer machine for all your request.


    1. What kind of material do you want to process?

    2. What's the capacity?

    3. What is it used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?


    Technical Parameter:

    Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Flow(m3/h)
    KOS-230 1.5 2800 0-1.5
    KOS-240 2.2 2800 0-3
    KOS-250 4 2800 0-4
    KOS-260 5.5 2800 0-5
    KOS-270 7.5 2800 0-8
    KOS-280 11 2800 0-12
    KOS-290 15 2800 0-18
    KOS-300 22 2800 0-25
    KOS-310 30 2800 0-35
    KOS-320 45 2800 0-50
    KOS-330 55 2800 0-75
    KOS-340 75 2800 0-90
    KOS-350 90 2800 0-110
    KOS-360 132 2800 0-130


    Inline Homogenizer Structure Diagram

    homogenizing pump structure


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    1. Definitely a good product in terms of quality and durability review by Denis Voronin on 7/18/2017

      Although it's quite simple to figure out how to use the device, I highly recommend reading the instruction booklet - there are some important instructions for care and optimal use.

    2. After sales care is great, but the price tag is a little high review by Katie Arthur on 6/26/2017

      Equipment is fit for multi-purpose, it is easy to use and the delivery is brilliant. The company is great to deal with if any problems arise. For rare mechanical glitches, technical support has been fantastic.

    3. Excellent tech support staff review by Lynn Harris on 6/5/2017

      Customer service has been very helpful with any questions or problems we have had with the device, they actually return e-mails and call back. I’m very happy and satisfied with the cost-effective product.

    4. Not bad homogenizer pump review by Bryan on 5/8/2017

      At a price slightly higher than high shear pumps made by other companies, it is worth it for its precise rotor stator head and versatility. After sales care is also excellent and you could ask technical service support how to set up and maintain.

    5. Works Great review by Immanuel on 4/11/2017

      Very efficient product. It is easy to operate and minimal maintenance, very safe when following the protocol and easy to clean. Price is a little higher but it worth every penny, can not only used for shampoo and toothpaste products, I also try to emulsifying my liquid detergent and works well. A great piece of equipment!

    6. better emuslfiying results. review by P. Miller on 12/14/2016

      We owned a toothpaste factory, used to buy agitator to stir toothpaste. But mixture result is not so good. Later we order this emuslfiying pump, achieved better emuslfiying results. The materials to make toothpaste are more stable and durable. Great product.

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