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Kos-310 Inline High Shear Emulsifier Pump for Petrochemical Industry 30KW

Quick Overview

High shear emulsifying pump has two types: BRL1 Serial and and BRL3 Serial based on the quantity of rotors.
Note: The color of instrument should refer to actual ones


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    Item Specifics:

    Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
    Brand Name: KOS Power: Electric
    Model Number: KOS-310 Voltage: 380V
    Motor Power: 30KW Is-Customed: Yes
    Application: Petrochemical industry
    Production Type: Continuous


    Product Description:

    Kos-310 high shear pump mainly used in the nano-material aggregates strong depolymerization and ultra-fine dispersion, the solution particles ultra-fine broken and homogenization, fiber materials wet ultra-fine broken and homogenization, water emulsion high-shear dispersion and homogenization, immiscible solid-liquid suspension ultra-fine mix dispersion and so on. The machine is a three-stage inline high shear disperser emulsifier, chemical engineering design, the working chamber is equipped with three sets of rotor and stator, the material from the axial input, after three sets of rotor and stator high shear dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, and then radial output, material handling more refined. The machine also has a certain transmission function. Can be independently operated or matched with high and low speed mixer, auxiliary dispersing, mixing and homogenizing use, efficiency and product quality is significantly improved. But also can be used as an a terminal discharge pump, to further ensure the quality of the material. Applicable to fine chemicals, daily chemicals and no special sanitary requirements of the working conditions, suitable for decomposition, dissolution, dispersion and homogenization process. KOS provides full range of products from small batch, pilot to large production, complete specifications, but also can be customized according to the special non-standard requirements.



    * With continuous mass production processing capacity, no dead ends, narrower range of particle size distribution, higher uniformity, easy to operate, can be automated operations.

    * Compact structure, easy installation, small footprint, stable operation, low noise.

    * Working cavity with cantilevered transmission, can achieve axial feed, radial discharge.

    * Can be applied to high temperature, high viscosity, high flow conditions such as modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, pulp dispersion, plastics, rubber, environmental protection and other fields.

    * Optional seal forms: mechanical seal, skeleton seal, packing seal.

    * With the tank can be used for continuous operation of the tandem process, can also be used for recycling process, this design ensures that all the materials into the mixing container before the exit must be through the precise stator and rotor gap, the extraction capacity is large enough to suck the material up, and then go down without auxiliary pump, special single or double mechanical seal used for strong process.



    Food Industry: Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cheese, Soft Drink, Fruit Jelly, Ketchup, Oil, Syrup, Chocolate etc.

    Daily Chemicals: Facial Foam, Hair Gel, Hair Dyes, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Shoe Polish, Cosmetics etc.

    Pharmacy: Nutrition Liquid, Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, Medicine Grease, Biological Products etc.


    Before you place an order, please contact us, we can custom make emulsifying homogenizer machine for all your request.


    1. What kind of material do you want to process?

    2. What's the capacity?

    3. What is it used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?


    Technical Parameter:

    Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Flow(m3/h)
    KOS-230 1.5 2800 0-1.5
    KOS-240 2.2 2800 0-3
    KOS-250 4 2800 0-4
    KOS-260 5.5 2800 0-5
    KOS-270 7.5 2800 0-8
    KOS-280 11 2800 0-12
    KOS-290 15 2800 0-18
    KOS-300 22 2800 0-25
    KOS-310 30 2800 0-35
    KOS-320 45 2800 0-50
    KOS-330 55 2800 0-75
    KOS-340 75 2800 0-90
    KOS-350 90 2800 0-110
    KOS-360 132 2800 0-130


    High Shear Emulsifiers:

    high shear pump homogenizer

    homogeneous pump

    inline homogenizer manufacturer


    Inline Homogenizer Structure Diagram

    homogenizing pump structure


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    1. It is easy to use and maintain review by Ananda Krishnan on 7/17/2017

      This product is convenient to produce different liquid detergents in minutes. Has the ability to handle fairly viscous agents quite reliably. And the use of this system is straight forward. I was able to operate the emulsifier pump after a brief introductory session. The after sales are top notch and the company is prepared to go an extra mile to help and satisfy the customers.

    2. Reliable and can work hard for the money you paid review by Lynn Roy on 6/22/2017

      Awesome product, easy to use! Friendly customer care. We think it was a very reasonable offer for the performance and results we obtained. Best money I've ever spent on equipment.

    3. Very easy to use and exceeds all of our needs review by Richard Sherman on 5/11/2017

      This robust, easy to use shear pump, is extremely efficient in emulsifying water w/o for our bulk liquids. It is very straight-forward and provides fully emulsified results much faster and easier than traditional methods. We use it for for any special needs that arise. It has saved our valuable resources, such as time and money.

    4. Excellent company! review by Wendy on 4/17/2017

      This is a very reliable product from China. It is very helpful in dealing with liquid/solid mixing emulsifying, worked well in efficiently shearing high viscosity materials. It has a small footprint and looks very nice, and is very easy to use. It has a reasonable pricing and fast delivery. Practical and recommend happily for others.

    5. video show review by heyitskay on 1/18/2017

      Fast delivery! received the pump a week after the ordering date. Moreover, the seller sent us a video to show us how to assemble and use the pump. How considerate. Will order more if necessary.

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