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Kos-ZB01 Cam Transfer Pump Rotor Pump Gear Pump for Transferring Medium Containing Solid Particles Chocolate Transfer.

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Transfer Pump for High viscosity mediums transfer, syrup transfer, ointment transfer, paint transfer.


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    Kos-ZB01 Cam Transfer Pump Rotor Pump Gear Pump for Transferring Medium Containing Solid Particles Chocolate Transfer.

    Kos-ZB01 Cam Transfer Pump Rotor Pump Gear Pump for Transferring Medium Containing Solid Particles Chocolate Transfer.

    Specification of KOSBEST Rotor Transfer Pump

    Name: Rotor Transfer Pump, Can transfer pump

    Model No.: Kos-ZB01

    Power: 0.55-22(kw)

    Voltage: 380v

    Speed: 200-500rpm

    Flow: 300-43000L/H

    Number of impellers: single stage

    Transfer Medium: High concentration slurry

    Pump shaft position: Horizontal

    Usage: Pipeline pump

    Connection: Clamp,Thread,Flange

    Type: Top inlet bottom outlet , left inlet right outlet

    Material: stainless steel 304/316

    Pressure: Low Pressure

    Pressure: Low Pressure

    Hydraulic head: 20m

    Inhalation caliber: 63mm

    Discharging caliber: 63mm

    Efficiency: 2000

    Output capacity: 11000 ~22000

    Weight: 336kg

    OEM: Available

    Structure details of the Kos-ZB01 Rotor Pump
    Characteristics of the Kos-ZB01 Transfer Pump: 
    1.It can transport medium viscosity ≦ 1 million cp, and medium containing 60% solids
    Particularly suitable for delivery of materials and then maintain the original quality of the same, can not afford any chemical reaction.
    2.Reliable rust resistance and non-toxic sealing ensure safety and sanitary: There equipped an frequency converter then the flow can be adjust freely. 
    It adopts external dynamic and fine ring mechanical seals, which can be directly washed with water, withstand high pressure, not easy to be ground and without leakage. Small volume, large flow rate, high lift pressure, suitable for long distance and high resistance quantitative delivery.
    3.Ability to maintain continuous operation reliability and no leakage time: Impeller is integrated into the bushing.
    The impeller of the pump is separated by the drive wheel, and a certain gap is ensured between the parts in the pump cavity, no contact with each other, no wear, low noise, good reliability, long service life, energy saving.
    Details Instruction of the RotorTransfer Pump: 
    1.Mechanical Seal
    Pump into the shaft, the use of external wear, static and static ring pump with mechanical seals, high temperature, good abrasion-resistance, no leak. 
    Mechanical Seal details of the Kos-ZB01 Rotor Transfer Pump 
    2.Using a butterfly rotor
    In addition to the general characteristics of the rotor pump, it is in the delivery of high viscosity and contains large particles of material, the special material can be effectively transported viscous. 
    Using a butterfly rotor of Kos-ZB01 Rotor Transfer Pump
    3.Motor + stepless speed adjusting gear
    Variable speed by manual adjustment to achieve, which is characteriszed by safe and reliable, large torque, adjustable flow rate, speed in the course of operation, not in the shutdown state speed. 
     Motor + stepless speed adjusting gear of Kos-ZB01 Rotor Tansfer Pump
    4.Solid Chassis
    The use of non-slip base, so that equipment to maintain better stability, and can effectively prevent the motor damp. 
    Solid Chassis of the Kos-ZB01 rotor tansfer pump
    Working Principle of the Transfer Pump: 
    Working Principle of the Kos-ZB01 Transfer Pump
    The Rotor transfer pump is also named rotary lobe pump, three-lobe pump, sole pump, etc. When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors(with 2-4 gears)revolve, it produces suction force at the inlet(vacuum), which intakes the material delivered. The 2 rotors divide the rotor housing into many smaller parts and revo-Ive in the sequence of I→II→III→IV. When it revolves to position I, only housing a is filled with medium, when it revolves to position II, housing B encloses part of the medium, when it goes to position III, housing A encloses medium, and finally it goes to position IV, then housing A,B and II are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet. As this process is repeated, medium (material) is transported continuously. 
    Application Industries of the Rotor Transfer Pump: 
    Application Industries of the Rotor Transfer Pump
    Pharmaceutical Industry: Various types of liquid medicine, blood products, biological products, sugar coatings, various types of ointments, glucose, oral liquid, etc.
    Dairy Products Industry: Milk, Cheese, Curd, butter, fruit yoghurt, ice cream, various oils, various stabilizers, etc.
    Meat industry: sausage stuffing, fat, broth, gel, all kinds of meat, pet food, etc.
    Filling the food industry: potato salad, soup, stew, tomato, hors d'oeuvres, pudding, condiments, jams and jellies.
    Beverage industry: beer, wort, juice, concentrated juice, syrup, chocolate, cocoa butter, corn syrup, gels, etc.
    Cosmetics industry: all kinds of perfumes, creams, shower gels, gels, shampoos, lotions, toothpastes, etc.
    Food industry: yeast, dough, fruit filling, sugar coating, fat and oil, various types of jam, mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, starch, Vegetable soup, soy sauce or other condiments, chocolate, cream, sponge cake, stuffing, oil, margarine, etc.

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