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KOSBEST EDI Stainless Steel Water Treatment by Reverse Osmosis

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A Ro Water Purifier

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    KOSBEST EDI Stainless Steel Water Treatment by Reverse Osmosis



    Product Description

    1. This system occupy little space, easy to operate, wide application range.

    2. Automatic backwash and manual backwash

    3. Finished water under good electric conductivity, one stage≤10μs/cm, two stage around 2-3μs/cm, EDI ≤0.5μs/cm

    4. When used for disposing industrial water, the reverse osmosis device does not consume large amounts of acids and alkalis, and there is no secondary pollution. In addition, its operation cost is also low.

    5. EDI system Reverse osmosis desalting rate≥99%, machine desalting rate ≥97%. 98% of organic matters, colloids and bacteria can be removed.

    6. High operation automation degree. It is unattended. The machine will automatically stop in case of water sufficiency and automatically start in case of no water. Timed flushing of front filtering material by automatic controller. Automatic flushing of reverse osmosis film by IC microcomputer controller. Online display of raw water and pure water electric conductivity.





    Summary of Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse osmosis technology is a modern high technology developed recently in China. Reverse osmosis is to separate water from solution after it permeates the specially-made semi-transparent membrane through exerting a pressure that is higher than the osmosis pressure on the solution.

    As this process is reverse to the natural permeation direction, it is called reverse osmosis.

    According to different osmosis pressures of various materials, the process of reverse osmosis with a pressure higher than the osmosis pressure can be used to reach the purposes of separation, extraction, purification and concentration of a certain solution. It does not need heating and there is no phase changing process;

    therefore, it saves more energy than traditional process.


    Water Treatment Process Flowchart

    Raw water→ Raw water tank→ Raw water pump→ Sand filter→ Active carbon filter→ Security filter→ high pressure pump→ RO component→ Pure water tank →UV/Ozone→ Pure Water



    ● Hotel,Restaurant,Sanatorium,Hospital

    ● Residence community,Village,Town

    ● Station,Airport,Wharf,Ship

    ● Factory,Mine,Army,Ship

    ● Industrial organic waste water


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