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KOSBEST Twin Screw Transfer pump for shampoo, lotion, toothpaste.

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Double Screw transfer pump for fruit jam with semisolid, syrup, cream.


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    KOSBEST Twin Screw Transfer pump for shampoo, lotion, toothpaste.

     KOSBEST Twin Screw Transfer pump for shampoo, lotion, toothpaste.

    Product Specifications for Twin Screw Tranfer Pum: 

    Name: Twin Screw Transfer Pump
    Model No.:  KOS-03SLXB
    Pressure: Low pressure
    Theory: Rotary pump
    Structure:  Gear Pump
    Conveying medium: High concentration material, granular material
    Power supply: Electric
    Speed: 1480rpm
    Flow rat: 0-30 T/H
    Flow rate:  300-43000L/H
    Material:  304/316 stainless steel
    Application:  Chemical, cosmetic, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, etc. 


    Product Advantage:

    1. Can replace the screw shaft pump

    The double-spiral pump only moves the rotor synchronously, and there is no nail structure such as Teflon or rubber that it wants to contact. The unique dynamic rotary sealing structure of the double-spiral pump ensures a higher and more stable vacuum environment in the pump cavity.

    2. Can replace the rotor pump

    The direction of the double-spiral pump is the same as the direction of material flow. The extrusion, shearing and destruction rate of the material is very low, and the complete granular material can be basically transported.

     3. Can replace the self-priming pump

    Twin-screw pump and conveying CIP CIP cleaning liquid back, and even if there is gas, it will not produce water hammer effect, and the equipment system can work normally.

    4. Can replace centrifugal pump

    The double-spiral pump not only stabilizes the high-pressure output, but also can normally reach 16bar, and it can work normally even in the working environment with unstable particles, gas and flow.


    Product Working Principle: 

    The double screw pump is a specially designed pair of helical systems that mesh with each other, which forming a series of dynamic surface between the sealing surfaces. Aplurality of sealing spaces are partitioned between the suction port and the discharge port of the pump due to the close engagement of the spirals with the inner wall of the liner. With the helical rotation and the teeth, these sealing spaces are continuously formed in the suction end of the pump to draw the liquid therein, and the suction chamber continuously low to the discharge end in the direction of the screw shaft, and the liquid enclosed in the individual spaces is continuously, smooth discharge, as if the nut in the spiral rotation is constantly moving forward. 


    Poductn Performace:

    1. Bearing ensure the system running smoother, quieter, more friendly, harmonious, humane: Synchronous gears use high-precision synchronous helical gears

    The gearbox is made of spheroidal graphite, cast steel and 304 stainless steel to further improve the hygienic level and performance of the equipment system. The transfer process is carried out by installing a synchronizing gear that is opposite to the drive shaft.

    2. The double-sided rotor with relative motion in the pump body does not have any direct contact between metals: A pair of specially designed helical system

    The sealing surface forming a series of dynamic spatial curved surfaces between the spirals ensures the contactless and wear-free operation of the system from the design structure, thereby ensuring the trouble-free and long life of the equipment system.

     3. Double screw pumps can also be used with CIP and SIP systems: Can transmit large particles of ф29

    It can be used to transport large particles up to 29mm in diameter. Due to the speed range from 100 to 3000 rpm, the pump can transport highly viscous media and pure fluid medium.


    Product Structure Instruction: 

    Structure of Kos-03SLXB twin screw transfer pump.

    Structure of Kos-03SLXB twin screw transfer pump.


    1. The screw head after a special treatment, and making the screw head and the pump body can not to fit easily, also i can increased using life. .

    2. Mechanical seal material using silicon carbide and cemented carbide, different materials can be selected single and double mechanical seal.

    3. Shaft with alloy material, after special treatment to enhance the anti-pressures and corrosion resistance.

    4. Gear box with 304 stainless steel, meet the food and pharmaceutical standards.

    5. Bearings using the Japanese SNK material, can enhance the mechanical service life.

    6. Synchronous helical gear internal and external grinding machine is processed, but the pump is used for positive and negative transfer, reducing noise and quieter operation.

    7. O-ring with high temperature materials can reach more than 200 degrees.

    8. Oil seal using imported UKS, high temperature working is available. 


    Product Details: 

    Kos-03SLXB transfer pump for High concentration material or granular material

    1. Suitable for transmission of low pulse and low shear media

    The twin-screw pump transfers the medium along the axis, so the shear to the medium is very low during transport.

    2. Double screw shaft  pump is very suitable for a variety of high and low viscosity medium, and medium  containing solid particles

    Designed to adapt to the suction chamber of the specific nature of the product, so that the polishing liquid and bulk transfer can be realized

    3. Widely range of types and viscosity of transport liquids: all viscosity fluid can be transported

    Widely pressure and flow range, pressure is about 6-25bars, flow rate up to 235m³/h

    4. Good inhalation performance, with outstanding self-priming ability

    Because the inertial force of the rotating parts in the pump is low, therefore high speed is available, and the maximum speed can be reached to 3900rpm.

    5. Uniform continuous flow, small pulsation, low vibration and low noise

    Compared with other rotary pumps, it is insensitive to incoming gases and particulate matter, and can be mixed with gas-liquid, solid-liquid.

    6. Solid structure, modular structure, easy installation and maintenance

    The working principle and structural characteristics of the parallel displacement conveyor system determine the advantages of the double screw conveyor

    7. If there is leakage in the shaft during operation, the pressure of the machine seal must be adjusted after the machine is stopped.

    If the process requires a working chamber, the jacket can be used to cool or heat the material. When starting up, the coolant or heat transfer oil is turned on first, and the working pressure of the jacket is MP0.2MPA, when processing materials with temperature requirements (such as chocolate sauce, etc.) ), must be heated or cooled to normal operating temperature and then turned on.



    The double screw pump is a specially designed pair of helical systems that mesh with each other, which forming a series of dynamic surface between the sealing surfaces. It is a transfer machine which can transfer the High concentration material or granular material.  It is widely applied in pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Chemical Industies. 

    Application of Kos-03SLXB Double Screw Transfer pump for shampoo, lotion, toothpaste.

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