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  • High pressure homogenzier for milk emulsion High pressure homogenzier for milk emulsion
  • high pressure nano homogenizer for cell disruption high pressure nano homogenizer for cell disruption

KOSBEST Ultra High Pressure Nano Homogenizer for Milk Emulsion

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Ultra high pressure nano homogenizer for cell disruption

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    How to get a good vacuum homogenizer mixer unit? Professional customized and operation commissioning are best important. We can provide materials test service for your processing materials. You can send us your materials sample or tell us your materials name/ingredients/quantity. We can purchase them in China. If you need this test service, Directly email to


    KOSBEST Ultra High Pressure Nano Homogenizer Machine for Milk Emulsion

     Kosbest Ultra High Pressure Nano Homogenzier for Milk Emulsion

    Product Description:

    The ultra high pressure nano homogenizer is mainly composed of a high pressure homogenizing chamber and a supercharging mechanism. The interior of the high-pressure homogenizing chamber has a specially designed geometry. Under the action of the supercharging mechanism, the high-pressure solution quickly passes through the homogenizing chamber, and the material is subjected to high speed shearing, high-frequency oscillation, cavitation and convection impact. The force action and the corresponding thermal effect, the mechanical and chemical effects induced by it can induce changes in the physical, chemical and structural properties of the macromolecules of the material, and finally achieve a homogeneous effect. It is suitable for homogenization and cell breakage of carious low and high viscosity liquids.

    The maximum operating pressure: 1,500 bar(21,750psi).



    Product Specifications: 

    Name Ultra high pressure nano homogenizer
    Model No. Kos-110B
    Brand KOSBEST
    Valtage 380V
    Power 2.2kw
    Weight 50kg
    Demision(L*W*H) 380*350*360MM
    Output capcity 5-15L/h
    Pressure 1500 Bar (150MPa)
    Application Milk, emulsion
    Warranty 12 months
    Min single batch 25ML


    High Pressure Homogenizer Features:

    1. Two levels of homogenization.

    2. Emulsions and liposomes are widely used in research and production units. At the sme time, it can break yeast, bacteria, fungi, etc., and the breaking rate is over 95%.

    3. The homogenizing valve of the Nero Homogenizer adopts a ceramic or tungsten carbige homogenizing head, and the service life is extended by more than 3 times. 

    4. The Motor is driven, not pneumatically, to prevent the water generated by the compression of the air from entering the high pressure pump, which causes the high pressure homogenizer to fail to operate normally.

    5. After the sample is homogenized by high pressure, the final average partical size can reach below 100nm, and the particle size distribution is uniform. clearning (CIP) and online steam sterilization (SIP) are available, fully compliant with FDA requirements. 

    7. The frame system is assembled in accordance with ASME BPE standards, the high pressure homogenizer is produced in accordanced in accordance with the iso9001 quality system standard.

    8. Can be cleaned in place and sterilized online.

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