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5L Laboratory Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine with Lifting Frame for Dairy Food Production Process

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Lab homogenizer mixing machine equipment for skin whitening cream and body lotion.


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    Laboratory Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine with lifting frame for Dairy food production process

     Laboratory Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine with lifting frame for Dairy food production process

    Product Instruction: 

    The emulsifier homogeneous material in the pot through the pot was stirred polytetrafluoroethylene blade frame (blade always meet the inner wall of the pot, sweep wall-sticky material), continuous generation of new interface, and then through the mixer block, reverse its stirring blade, the material is cut, compressed, folded, allowed to stir, mix and homogenizer at the bottom of the pan to the downstream, then shearing strength generated by the high speed rotation between the rotor and the stator, impact process, turbulence and the like so that the material to be cut in the cut seam, quickly broken into fine 200nm of ~ 2μm.  Material micronization, emulsification, mixing, homogenization and dispersion can be completed in a short time. Since the homogenizer is in a vacuum state, the bubbles generated during the stirring process of the material are taken away in time. After the homogenization of the emulsifier, the lid is raised, and the dump button switch is pressed to discharge the material in the pot to the outer container of the pot (or open the bottom valve and the pressure valve to discharge directly).

     Kos-Z510 Laboratory Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine with lifting frame


    Product Specifications:

    Name: Laboratroy Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer, high shear mixer, emulsifying mixer
    Model No.:  Kos-Z510
    Mixer Type:  Homogenizer
    Application: Viscous Fluid
    Dimension(L*W*H): 1100*620*1650MM
    Control: Botton/PC
    Heating methods: Electric Heating, double jackets for heating and cooling
    Mixing Part: Homogenizer, stirre paddle
    Effect: No bubble, product can be  200nm ~ 2µm
    Homogenizer Speed: 0~6000 rpm
    Warranty 1 year
    Voltage: 220V/380V, or customized
    Power 5kw
    Material:  Stainless steel 304 / SU316L


    Emulsifying Mixer Analysis diagram:


    Emulsifying Mixer Analysis diagram of Kos-Z510 homogenizer mixerEmulsifying Mixer Analysis diagram of Kos-Z510 homogenizer mixer


    Product Structure Discription

    Kos-Z510 Vacuum homogenizing mixer is composed of emulsifying pot(fluctuating cover, overturn form kettle), water pot, oil pot, vacuum system, heating and temperature control systems, cooling systems, electric machinery control systems, etc.


    structure introduction of Kos-Z510 homogenizer mixer

    1. Lifting beam 

    It can lift the overall mixing system to the outside of the pot, which is easy to clean and observe.

    2. Intelligent operating system

    The simple and easy-to-learn innovative emulsifying control system is designed for lab environment. All the parameters can be adjusted easily. And even the hands are stained materials, it’s still easy to control.

    3. Vacuum

    With vacuum system, the pot can be maintained at a vacuum of less than -0.095MPa.

    4. Connector

    Reserved multiple sets of standard connectors can be used to add solid or liquid additives or access other sensors.

    5. Mixing & Ultra-highspeed homogenizing

    Cooperated with YK patentmixing system, the ultra-highspeed precise Rotar/Statorsystem can achieve the best homogenizing effect.

    6. Heating & Thermal insulation

    The main pot has independent hating & thermal insulation temperature control system. The thermal insulation layer is arranged outside the heating system to avoide high temperature scalding.

    7. Tilting

    The main pot can be flipped down to 120°so that even the high viscosity material can also be easily emptied.

    8. Operation platform

    9. System

    Stainless steel cladding, safe and sanitary, easy to clean.

    10. Pretreament pot

    The two pretreatment pots are both equipped with independent heating, temperature control and dispersing system. Pretreament materials can be directly sucked into main pot via negative pressure of main pot.

    11. Heating system

    Exclusive heating sysytem for every pot.


    Product Details Display: 


    Emulsifying effect display of Kos-Z510 lab emulsifying mxier machine

    Stirrer Systerm of Kos-Z510 Lab homogenizer mixer

    No dead angle scraper system, Rotar/Stator system can be changed.

    Kos-Z510 vacuum emulsifying mixer for skin care lotion and cream.


    Product Characteristics: 


    KOSBEST focus on research and development, just to make your materials more delicat. 

    In the manufacturing process of high-viscosity emulsions, especially creams, ointments, and emulsions, the most problematic is usually the large particle size of the dispersed phase and the mixing of air into the product during agitation. The excessive particle size causes the emulsion to be unstable. The lack of luster, the air in the product will make the product bubble, bacteria pollution, easy to oxidize and the appearance is not smooth. In response to the two major problems, the ZJR series vacuum homogenizing emulsifier unit developed by our company consists of a homogeneous agitator, a central blade agitation, and a combination of the characteristics of the scraping wall mixing, which are combined into a mixing method to achieve a perfect mixed product. By vacuuming, the produced products are no longer mixed with air bubbles during the stirring process, thereby ensuring the production of high-quality products with luster, fineness and good ductility.

     Kos-Z510 vacuum emulsifying mixer

    Product Features:

    1. Automatic lifting

    The emulsified lid of the emulsifier is an automatic lifting water pot. The material in the oil pan can be directly sucked into the emulsification pot under vacuum through the conveying pipe.

     2. Convenient operation

    The cold water can be added into the interlayer of the emulsifier to cool the material. The operation is simple and convenient, and the insulation layer is provided outside the interlayer.

     3. Automatic temperature adjustment

    The way of discharging is to heat the heat-conducting medium in the emulsification pot to realize the arbitrary setting and heating control of the heating temperature of the material.

     4. Shorten use time and diversified operations

    Material micronization, emulsification, mixing, homogenization and dispersion can be completed in a short time. Homogeneous agitation and paddles can be used separately or simultaneously.


    Product Applications: 

    Kos-Z510 High shear Mixer Emulsifying Machine applied widely, it can be used in Daily chemical, cosmetic, various food and dairy products, pharmaceutical industries. 

    Application of Kos-Z510 homogenizer mixer

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