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Lotion Homogenizer Mixer Face Cream Vacuum Mixer

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Kos-SX01 high shear emulsifying mixer machine for high-grade creams, medicinal ointments.


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    How to get a good vacuum homogenizer mixer unit? Professional customized and operation commissioning are best important. We can provide materials test service for your processing materials. You can send us your materials sample or tell us your materials name/ingredients/quantity. We can purchase them in China. If you need this test service, Directly email to


    Product descriptions for Kos-SX01 High Shear Mixer Homogenizer: 

    The vacuum homogenizing mixer equipment is a non-standard custom equipment, which is reasonably configured according to the customer's process and is suitable for products that need to be homogenized and stirred under vacuum. Can be used with low-speed scraping wall mixing for high-viscosity product emulsification. It can be used in high shear emulsifier, suitable for processes such as dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, mixing and mixing.

    Product Features for Ointment Emulsifying Mixer: 

    1. The mixing agitator is a bidirectional stirring structure, and the speed can be adjusted separately, which is suitable for various product formulation process requirements.
    2. The kettle sealing strip is integrally formed in one time, and the sealing effect is good. (Most of the seals on the market are spliced, not durable and have a poor sealing effect.)
    3. The agitating paddle is a quick-clamp type of bolts, which does not require nut tightening, is easy to disassemble, does not leave a sanitary corner, and is safe for the product.
    4. The two sets of delicate blades can be replaced, and the equipment process can be flexibly adjusted when producing "water-in-oil" and "oil-in-water" products.
    5. The inverter and motor electrical products are international brands, which fully guarantee the stability of the equipment.
    6. Germany imported Siemens touch screen with data storage function, can read production process parameters, and facilitate the recording of production logs.

    Product Advantages for Dairy Homogenizer Mixer:

    • Frequency converter speed regulation
    • High emulsification speed

    Applications for Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer: 

    Wide application range and strong process controllability. It can be customized to be hygienic, suitable for production or pilot test of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries. The complete set of equipment consists of homogeneous emulsified main pot, water pot, vacuum system, electric heating or steam heating temperature control system, electrical control, etc. Special equipment for producing high-grade creams, medicinal ointments, lotions, etc.

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