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Pharmaceuticals Industry

Modern pharmaceutical preparation technology involves large scale of liquid mixture, which needs complicated technology and precise control. We Kos have experienced experts to work with our customers to provide professional solutions which aim to effective mixing, reducing power dissipation and optimal capacity in order to improve production efficiency and save cost.


Kos always keeps good relationships with pharmaceuticals companies from all over the world to provide solutions for whoever produce medicine and health product. For instance: high quality tablet presses, emulsifying machines for pharmacy. Processing equipment for health care industry strictly abide by sanitary requirements to guarantee final products safe, pure and effective. Well-proportioned mixing makes dosage control more accurate.


All the designs of KOS machines meet GMP requirements and safe standards. Custom made service is offered to meet specific needs.



Oral Solution

Oral suspensions, Pharmaceutical Syrups, Cough syrups and elixirs, Antacids, Nutraceuticals, Collagen Solutions, Vitamins, Plant extracts, Solid dose Coatings, Tablet Coatings, etc.


Creams & Ointments

Therapeutic creams and lotions, Silicone Emulsions, Penicillin emulsions, Wax emulsions, etc.


Injection solutions

Vaccines, Saline solutions, Antibiotics in the oil, Electrolyte Solutions, Vitamin Supplements, etc.



Suppositories, Eye Drops, Ophthalmic Solutions, Dental Composites, Dental Pastes, Gels and Solutions, Gel Caps, Gelling Agents, Medical Gels, Bioadhesives, Bone Graft Pastes and Bone Cement, Non-animal Gel Capsules, Components of Blood Reagents, Transdermal Patches, Drug Vehicles, Gelatin Compounds, Fish Oils, Medial Gels and Putties, etc.


Other Industries

Cosmetics & Toiletries Industry

Chemicals Industry

Food & Beverage Industry


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