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  1. KOSBEST Twin Screw Transfer pump for shampoo, lotion, toothpaste.

    Double Screw transfer pump for fruit jam with semisolid, syrup, cream.

  2. KOSBEST Sanitary Centrifugal Pump Tansfer Pump for Milk/Juice/Beer

    Food Grade Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump for liquid and oil.

  3. KOSBEST G-type single screw transfer pump for paint and petroleum

     G-type single screw transfer pump for transferring yeast dough, Grape juice,Eight-treasure porridge

  4. Kos-02SLX Twin screw pump transfer pump for Chocolate, cheese, honey

    Double screw transfer pump for biological products, lubricate oil, glass glue,  ceramic coating, paint coating.

  5. Kos-ZB01 Cam Transfer Pump Rotor Pump Gear Pump for Transferring Medium Containing Solid Particles Chocolate Transfer.

    Transfer Pump for High viscosity mediums transfer, syrup transfer, ointment transfer, paint transfer.

  6. Kos-ZB03 Movable Transfer Pump Sanitary Rotor Pump for high viscosity and high concentration medium transport, Glass Glue Pump

    Three impeller butterfly rotor pump, transfer Pump for transporting Ointment, toothpaste, paint, ink, grease.

  7. KS-8 Rotary Lobe Pump with Stainless Steel and Three-Lobed Rotor Transfer Pump

    Three-Lobed rotor pump is widely used one for conveying the solid-liquid, paste and solid materials. Its volume a little bigger than other type of rotors for the space of transferred materials.

  8. KS-6A Movable Rotary Lobe Pump for Handle the Gas, Liquid, Solid Materials for Food, Cosmetic Transfer Pump

    Easy be moved and can convey the gas, liquid and solid these mixtures even their viscosity has up to 1,000,000 cp or used to handle 50% solids paste.

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8 Item(s)

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