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Superior Quality High Shear Mixer for Cosmetic, Pharmacy, Food and Daily Chemicals

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Explosion Protection High Shear Mixer, High Shear Homogenizer Solutions to Meet Each Customer's Specific Needs.
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    Product Description:

    High shear mixer disperses one phrase or ingredient (liquid solid, gas) into a main continuous phrase (liquid), which it would normally be immiscible. It is usually made of one set of rotor and stator, which can generates high speed dispersing, shearing and cutting force, so that materials would be reduced to the finest possible droplet size. Kosbest high shear homogenizer disperses, emulsifies, suspends and homogenizes solid.


    Process of High Shear Homogenizer:

    Step 1: The powerful suction generated by the high speed rotation of rotor/stator draw materials into the work head where they are rapidly mixed.

    Step 2: Material will be thrown into the gap between stator and rotor through centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation of rotor/ stator, dispersed and emulsified preliminarily by extrusion and crashing force.

    Step 3: Strong hydraulic shearing, tearing, cutting and crashing force around the external terminal of rotor, thoroughly dispersing and homogenizing materials which will be send out from stator slot.

    Step 4: Finally obtaining dispersing and emulsifying results after countless circulations for above processes.



    Advantages of Kosbest high shear homogenize:

    1. Rapidly reducing mixing time

    2. Stable emulsion

    3. Consistent product quality and repeatability

    4. No agglomerate mixture

    5. High efficiency



    Cosmetic: Face Cream, Lipstick, Lotion, Brilliantine, Toothpaste, Shampoos etc.

    Food: Ice cream, Dairy, Salad, Butter, Beverage, Flavor Emulsion, Cultured Milk etc.

    Pharmacy: Ointment, Syrups, Injection Liquid, Penicillin, Tablet Coating etc.

    Chemical: Pigments, Paints, Dyes, Photo solvents, Lubricating Oil, Inks etc.


    Solutions Theory:

    You can get more than high shear homogenizer here; you get Solutions. Just tell us some information (Material, Volume, Capacity, Process etc), we will analyze your data and provide you best suitable solutions to improve your productivity. A professional technical team equipped is to analyze and discuss every particular situation. We will work with you to ensure you get the right high shear mixer for you specific needs.


    Custom Design:

    Custom Design service is provided to meet your exact specifications. Email us:


    Different Types of Workhead:

    different types of workhead


    Claw type stator head

    Two-way suction mode, is the general type. In the container to form a two-way hyperbolic large circulation vortex, to avoid the upper part of the kettle material is difficult to be sucked cause the dead ends, emulsifying homogenizing more thoroughly.

    Long hole stator head

    Suitable for the rapid pulverization of medium solid particles and the mixing of medium viscosity liquids, the long holes provide the largest area and good circulation for surface shearing.

    Mesh stator head

    Suitable for low viscosity liquid mixing, with largest shearing speed, the most suitable for the preparation of emulsions and small particles in the liquid crushing and dissolving process.

    Round hole stator head

    Suitable for general mixing or large particle crushing, this round hole stator head provides the best circulation in all the stators, suitable for processing higher viscosity materials.


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    1. Customized service is excellent review by Gaston McQueen on 7/11/2017

      This is a very high quality product that gives the best yields, customer service and technical support are always very helpful. Easy to use and robust enough, can be applied to various fields of application.

    2. Has excellent customer service and technical support review by Nicolas Vogt on 6/12/2017

      The products is very easy to use, and the customer service and the expert very friendly to respond to any enquiries. A very economical price, cheaper than many of the alternatives available.

    3. Good company with quality products review by Ahmed Belal on 5/9/2017

      Slightly difficult to become accustomed to at first due to the high number of options, but after communicated with kos company, the support service was very quick and helpful, they offers high customization for my solution, we were satisfied with it.

    4. Reduce mixing time review by David Smith on 4/12/2017

      The high shear mixer is reliable, easy to use and has provided perfect result to support both our plants and our research lab. We are very happy with the cosmetic mixer equipment. It saves us money and time. The customer service has been extraordinary and proactive in providing valuable assistance when we needed.

    5. homogenizer instead of agitator review by F. B. Gardner on 3/14/2017

      We used to blend pharmaceutical syrup with traditional agitator. Cost too much mixing time and not so good quality products. Later Kosbest suggested us to use this high shear mixer. Greatly improvement in productivity and less mixing time. Thanks!

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